Voice of Customer

"There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else".
Voice of Customer

Customers want to talk to organizations in their own words at a time and place convenient to them. They want to feel like their opinion matter every minute of every day, not just when organizations ask them. When customers share their voice in real-time with an organization, they expect the organization listens, acts and reports back to them.

Our services include:

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Voice of Customer includes questions about customer experience (e.g. product, service, support) and customer satisfaction as well as customer loyalty. These questions can be used jointly to identify reasons why customers are loyal or disloyal. Customer experience and customer satisfaction may not lead to loyalty, but it is not possible to get loyalty without it. By using appropriate tools, it is possible to collect structured and unstructured data to monitor customer satisfaction level, analyze trends and find patterns, then act on findings. With the robust voice-of-customer platforms available today, it is easy to gather, analyze and respond to customer feedback.

Voice of Customer Analysis

Customer Survey

A user pull mechanism with random respondent selection, specially designed to capture statistically significant changes in the audience of the site and in its satisfaction. Main benefits:

Customer Survey

Customer Feedback

A user push mechanism which allows visitors to provide feedback anytime, anywhere via all available touch points. Main benefits:

  • provide alert to key audiences to guide immediate actions and show users that organization is listening to their voices and working to improve their experience on the site
  • measure performance in terms of troubleshooting and activities of the various departments
  • optimize business processes and improve quality of service
  • develop, test and refine new products and services by constantly monitoring user's perception
Voice of Customer Analysis


Text Analysis

The key to deep analyze customer insights is text analytics, a data mining technique that examines text communications. Open text data are rich information about how the customer really feels. It is necessary to analyze the content of customer interactions - call center transcripts, surveys and emails - to produce a deep, quantitative understanding of customer attitudes and dissatisfaction. It is possible to:

  • identify recurring subjects, a topic analysis can prevent problems proactively
  • cluster comments by topic and analyze clusters interaction
  • determine customers sentiment through analysis of the emotional content of their communications


Quantitative data from web analytics tools give information about what visitors do online but not about the underlying reason of their behaviour. It is necessary to integrate qualitative and quantitative data for a complete view of user experience.

Integration opportunities:

  • enrich quantitative information with socio demografic details
  • consider loyalty and customer satisfaction index as main KPI together with standard analytics ones
  • use qualitative data to deeper investigate customer issues
  • collect qualitative data at the start of any new product, process or service design initiative in order to better understand customer wants and needs, and as key input for new product definition and setting of detailed design specifications
Data Integration