Data Strategy

Thanks to advances in technology over the past decade, you have access to more data than ever before. That data holds a lot of potential.

The good news? With the right approach and the right tech, you can create highly-targeted customer success strategies that send your performance stratospheric.

The bad news? This data is often siloed across different departments, systems, and regions, rendering it unusable without expert intervention.

That’s where we come in.

At BitBang, we’re all about up-to-the-minute data strategies that impact your entire organization and offer tangible, real-world benefits. Our clients have used these strategies to up their sales and increase customer satisfaction, all whilst reducing ad spend and acquisition costs.

Here’s how we help you make your data work to its fullest potential.

Data Management

A data strategy is only as good as the results it gets. Our data management practices are hyper-collaborative and hyper-focused on the outcomes they achieve, operating at speed and at scale.

High-performance, scalable data management strategies are also essential if you want to take advantage of the latest in AI technology. We use our expertise to put the right practices, processes and competencies in place to futureproof your approach to data, so you keep reaping the benefits that come with being ahead of the curve.

Modern Data Architectures

In the current landscape, your data architecture needs to be flexible enough to cope with a range of constantly evolving needs, channels and best practices.

We help you design, review and futureproof a data roadmap, so you can move from disparate data sources to an accurate, automated, real-time view of customer and business data. You can use this to inform business decisions by itself, or feed it into other applications for additional insights.

Data privacy and security is a growing concern for customers, legislators, and industry regulators alike. This means you’ll need to make sure your data practices are secure and meet compliance criteria – and be transparent about doing so.

We can help with implementing business-wide data governance frameworks that exceed regulatory standards whilst maintaining quality throughout the data lifecycle. Having a solid set of principles in place makes it easier for you to protect your customers’ data, and ensures it’s accurate enough for forecasting, strategic decision-making, and risk management tasks alike.

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