Data Intelligence

It’s never been more important to harness the insights your customer data provides for higher conversion rates, better customer experiences and – ultimately – increased revenues.

We’re here to help you achieve this. Working collaboratively, we help you create data practices that will unlock the real-world economic potential of the data you hold.

Modern Business Intelligence

Modern BI practices unlock an entirely new way of running your business and strategic decision-making. Agile, real-time and hyper accurate, our approach uses the following technologies to create stratospheric improvements to your customer experience:

– Cloud deployments, for maximum flexibility and agility
– AI and machine-learning powered analytics for fast, in-depth insight, making data science a key component of business processes
– Self-service analytics so employees can access data insights to support their own projects, without roadblocks
– Solid and consistent data governance, so that teams across the entire organization can use data autonomously whilst increasing collaboration.

Digital Intelligence

Traditional digital analytics is one thing…but given where technology is at now, you can go so much further. In other words, look beyond digital analytics and aim for true digital intelligence.

Digital intelligence takes traditional analytics techniques a step further, creating a completely holistic view of customer behavior via integration of data from every single touchpoint you have. We help you implement practices that identify and optimize key improvement areas across your business at scale, with a degree of precision previously impossible.

We combine data consulting services with over 18 years of technical expertise to help you start getting value from your data straightaway, whilst building sustainable insights practices in the long term.

Our end-to-end process offers specialist pre-built tools for curating different data sources, setting up advanced analytics models and creating methodologies that expand your capacity to act on data insights. This structured process helps you develop the right data handling and decision making skills along the way for long-term success.

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