Data Analytics

To optimize the experience you offer your customers, you need to be able to track, measure and analyze their interactions across the customer journey. That’s where data analytics comes in.

Our experts help you identify the right metrics to track whilst creating the architecture needed to gain insight from them. This allows you to dive deep into your customers’ behaviour and their relationship with your brand, whilst pinpointing key areas for improvement.

Digital Analytics & Intelligence

Digital intelligence technologies collect, process and analyze data generated by digital customer interactions.

Organizations that make effective use of these technologies to improve customer journeys make major gains in revenue and outshine their competitors. We help you build digital intelligence stacks that leverage AI and other cutting-edge technologies to embed analytics practices across your enterprise.

Customer Analytics

For your business to thrive in the current climate, you need to make yourself customer-obsessed.

Customer analytics – capturing customer data and using it to make better business decisions – is essential for doing this. We go beyond traditional reporting to provide personalized, real-time and contextual insights to customer intent prediction and customer journey optimization.

Spatial analytics, or visual mapping, has the potential to generate huge amounts of revenue.

Use location-based insights from smartphones, vehicles, wearable devices and satellite data to help answer the “where” questions of your business – where to open your next store, for example, or where the most efficient transport routes are. We help you find the best tools for your needs and set up a lasting infrastructure for them.

Measurement Practice

You can build as many dashboards as you want – but if your employees don’t use them and they’re based on inaccurate measurements they’re a wasted investment.

That’s why it’s so important to instill a data-driven culture and sound measurement practice across your organisation. We help you find and accurately measure data sources that have a direct impact on performance, avoiding vanity metrics and fostering good communication with reporting audiences for maximum impact.

We’ll also assist in rolling out good measurement practice across your entire operation, so you know that your teams are acting on accurate, up-to-date insights.

The connected physical devices your business uses (for example, smartphones, smart watches and connected machinery) generates a huge amount of actionable data that many businesses ignore.

Our experts can integrate this data into your existing systems complete with AI and machine learning analysis, so that you can detect trends and improve your overall experience offering.

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