Purchase Experience Monitoring

Voice of the Customer

About the project

We aimed at monitoring the experience the customers are having when doing a purchase and identifying how, where and when this experience could be improved – both using individual in-store interventions and direct contact with unsatisfied customers.

What we did

We have created surveys to distribute after both in-store and online purchases, customizing them to match the general digital brand experience. We also worked on a data visualization project, so that each stakeholder could filter results by brand, region, nation and store.

The results

As a result of the survey, we implemented tailored customer experiences that offered major cost and efficiency gains. On top of this, customers felt listened by the brand thanks to the surveys, increasing brand loyalty as a result. This resulted in a clear and constant improvement in the brands’ reputation, winning new customers as well as cementing the loyalty of old ones.

Tailored Experiences
Customer Care
Positive Reputation