Personalized Customer Experience

Customer Data & Activation

About the project

With the use of real-time data, we aimed at automating the creation of customized personal experiences across all channels and major touchpoints, including the website, mobile app and in-store point of sale terminals.

What we did

We analyzed data sources across these touchpoints to monitor customer behavior, drawing them into a single, real-time data stream that fed into a marketing automation system. This now updates customer profiles in seconds based on tracked behavior at different touchpoints, allowing them to be targeted with personalized deals and offers.

The results

The new marketing automation system personalizes commercial offers based on customer preferences, as demonstrated by previous behaviors. This creates value to customer immediately, increases customer loyalty, and draws new business as well. The marketing automation system also substantially reduces man-hours so teams spend less time on admin and more time on value-added, revenue-driving tasks.

Personalized Offers
Increased Loyalty
System Automation