Optimization & Personalization

About the project

Digital KPI results, including bounce rate, content consumption and average order value, were unimpressive in comparison to what competitors were achieving. To improve this, we aimed at creating a marketing strategy that integrated cross-selling and up-selling opportunities at major touchpoints – so it was essential to create contextualized and personalized browsing experiences for the customer base.

What we did

We set up an optimization platform for product catalog management, integrating a data management platform to make it easy to respond to the needs of different audiences. This integrates with an analytics platform for advanced, high-quality data analysis that can be used to show the customers customized product recommendations in real-time.

The results

The tools we implemented resulted in increased engagement across all channels involved in the project, with consistent improvements in conversion rate. Products are more visible thanks to more reach gained by product pages, whilst a smoother navigation experience leads to more revenue spent per visitor and more time spent on site.

Product Visibility
Content consumption