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Contentsquare is the experience analytics platform empowering brands to deliver better digital experiences. We’re on a mission to give every team the ability to measure how their actions affect the user experience across website, mobile and app. Not just the analysts. Not just the IT team. Everyone. Armed with unique behavioural insights, an intuitive visual interface and a passion for democratising data, Contentsquare has given more than 700 businesses a deeper understanding of customer behaviour online. We were born in Paris in 2012, but today we’re at home across the world. With a global workforce and offices in Paris, London, New York, Munich, Tel Aviv and Tokyo – together, we want to create a world where every digital interaction improves customers’ lives.

Empower your team

Put conclusive insights directly into the hands of those who need to know. The Chrome plug-in and freedom from tagging, makes sure the right people have access to the right conclusions, right now.

Troubleshoot fast & innovate more

Quantify the site and app improvements that matter most to your business and to your customers’ happiness. Use revenue and goal attribution to cut to the chase. Prioritise faster. Test better. Resolve issues faster and uncover more opportunities to satisfy your customers.

Unique behavioural insights

Turning billions of data points into digestible metrics, visualizations and AI-based recommendations to easily go from discovery to action. Toggle between aggregate metric views and individual visitor sessions for faster, more meaningful customer understanding.

Enterprise Scalability

Reliably deliver insights against any size web site or app and gracefully handle unpredictable workload spikes. As the world’s largest dedicated platform for experience analytics, we analyze billions of micro-behaviours daily.

Freedom from Tagging

Automatically capture content elements and interactions - even when the site changes - without the need for additional tags, so you can later decide what to measure.


The platform analyzes billions of digital behaviors to provide unique metrics, visualizations and recommendations every team can use to increase revenue, engagement and growth.

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