Optimization & Personalization

"The best way to identify your optimal content is to let your own visitors share their preferences".
Optimization & Personalization

Optimization and Personalization activities aim to unveil insights and characteristics of the traffic in connection to specific contents. Website pages can be seen as a digital laboratory where visitors take part in experiments driven by companies in order to understand which version of the contents gets the highest conversion rate. Observing how real visitors interact with different contents is crucial to take decisions based on strong foundations instead of hypothesis.

Homepage Layout


BitBang can help you deliver the best message to the right audience at the appropriate moment. Tracking which version of a page generates more conversions allows us to determine how visitors react to alternative contents. Our objective is to enhance your Conversion Rate taking advantage of the best performing versions of your page and constantly refining the solution with follow-up tests.

Optimization Advantages

In addition, since your traffic is composed by several different individuals, we provide you with resources useful to recognize those who share common attributes and to identify your most relevant visitor segments.
Once the groups of audiences have been created, we support you with the technologies useful for a targeted navigation experience, tailored on users’ preferences and needs.

Traffic Display


BitBang strongly believes that a universal platform suitable for everyone has not been created yet. Our strategic partnership with the major vendors of optimization and personalization solutions helps us to offer tools that better meet our customers’ requirements.


Our approach follows a strategic Roadmap to guide you through each step of the optimization process. Thanks to our experience we can support you with our Best Practice methodologies.

BitBang's strategy is designed to gradually make you aware of the Culture of Optimization and to allow you to improve your Conversion Rate, test after test.