Most Promising Big Data Service Companies

May 2021

BigBang featured in CIOReview Europe the annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing Big Data services and transforming businesses

Advances in technology have given businesses access to more data than ever. But as this data is siloed across different departments, systems, and regions, businesses are struggling to leverage it fully. What makes this predicament snowball into a bigger headache is the technology choices organizations make to achieve their data analyzing objectives. That’s where BitBang can help.

To this end, the company uses Empowerment as a key concept as they believe success in data and analytics can be achieved only with the responsibility and the engagement of the client organization.

The company believes that it’s critical that clients move beyond data or insight and focus on action and learning. Using BitBang’s approach, firms constantly refine internal operational processes and perfect customer engagement.

There’s no silver-bullet technology that enables firms to fully understand and best engage with customers. Rather, customer obsession requires a large, complex technology stack that includes a variety of data and delivery platforms as well as analytics tools. Equipping organizations with the solutions and strategies to derive and interlink insights back to business objectives, BitBang brings value to data in the most innovative and smart way.
Giovanni Lorenzoni
CEO, BitBang

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