Leading CX Management & Analytics Consultancy

2020's Leading CX Management
& Analytics Consultancy - Italy

We are proud to have been recognised for the work we do at BitBang and have been selected winners of the Corporate Excellence Award 2020. 

Business powered by data

Operating on the company’s fundamental principles of Innovation, Partnership, Trust and Privacy and Consistency and Reliability, BitBang is committed to finding the right solutions for their partners, rather than prioritising selling technology first.

In an industry as changeable as data analytics and management,  BitBang understands the importance of agility for businesses to stay ahead of new trends, demands and technologies that arise every day. This means that agility is a vital attribute within BitBang itself and the team therefore collaborates closely with clients to understand their needs, constantly adapting and responding to each step in a project. Whether they be in the finance or energy sector, luxury or pharmaceutical, food and beverage or retail, each client is listened to and engaged with fully to establish where they want to take their business next, and how BitBang can help them get there.

By helping businesses collect and understand their data methodically and efficiently, BitBang enables their clients to analyse and use findings to drive business forward, rather than working on intuition or gut instinct.

Giovanni Lorenzoni, CEO
Giovanni Lorenzoni CEO BitBang
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The Corporate Excellence Awards are annually held and recipients are determined by an internal process of research, analysis, shortlisting and selection.  Votes are not from either the companies in question or third parties, but instead are selected winning firms & individuals based on their hard work & achievements throughout the year.