Intelligence & Insight

"You can manage what you measure but you need to set it up rightly".
Intelligence & Insight

The first goal is to go beyond standard data silos structure and pull together people and data across functions.

Then the need is to focus on insights and recommendations to capitalize business opportunities. Our challenges are breaking company internal barriers and predict events not because it is easy to get data but because it is important to drive business decisions.

Our services include:

Evolution of Customer Analytics

Dashboards and metrics need to visualize the entire journey with an emphasis on those patterns that matter the most, to the customer and the business. This is not just a continual process; it is a close the loop way of measuring.

Do not expect insight from web analytics tool without any human interpretation, automated tools and reports alone do not generate insight. Automation simplifies analysis. Humans glean insights. Don’t also keep learning to yourself but share as much as you can learning and results with a wider and wider audience within your organization. Also invest in training to better and deeply understand web analytics within your organization because web analytics is a field of great depth and continues to evolve.

The web is only one of the channels in a dynamic ecosystem in which social networks, mobile devices, call centers and offline channels play an integral role in influencing the customer experience. Today companies need to identify and correctly monitor each available touch point with the best vendor solution.

Today you can get an overview of the various interaction points that make up the customer journey. BitBang helps you to draw analytical systems able to incorporate data from different sources. The strategic support and ideas to each channel are essential to draw their own ecosystem in optical business.

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Big Data

Big Data available in the world are useful if there are people who can understand them, transforming them into information and then into action.
When it comes to Big Data we refer mainly to 4 features:

The increase in the volume and complexity of data combined with the willingness to take decisions in less time has pushed the evolution of the analysis of the information available.

The benefits of the intersection of different sources data:

  • The ability to analyze both structured and unstructured data paves the way for monitoring all sources of information
  • Generate insight to identify emerging opportunities and provide the best offer at the right time
  • Identify the sentiment, the reputation, the influencer and the main sources from unstructured data
  • Increase the engagement, retention and ROI across all channels
Big Data