Helping Brands Achieve Data-Driven Success with Treasure Data

Why a Single Customer View Matters

By executing strategies that include the collection, integration, and visualization of data, BitBang and Treasure Data help companies across the globe achieve a 360-degree holistic view of each customer and their brand performance. In this Spotlight edition, we talked with our partners at Treasure Data about the common challenges we are seeing with our clients today, from gathering and managing unprecedented volumes of data, to defining governance on data usage. We then addressed why CDPs are playing a critical role for many of our clients’ data strategies, in helping to enable agile solutions, gain customer attention and grow. It’s so important to be relevant for the customer right now, and this means orchestrating omnichannel personalization that can take a single customer view one step further so that the brand engagement is consistent across all channels, devices, moments, and physical interactions.

We go on to explain why our partnership with Treasure Data is so significant in helping us to synthesize customer intelligence and activation for marketing, to effectively unleash the real value of customer data for achieving our results for our clients.

Read our Partner Spotlight with Treasure Data to understand how our expertise is helping data-driven marketers and customer experience leaders truly personalize and customize every marketing interaction.

More than ever, organizations are competing for customer attention. Being able to gain customer attention is more important than the actual product or service. And customer attention is scarce.

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