Why a CDP should be the foundation of your Martech Stack


9 Dec 2020






About the webinar

Customer data is the primary asset to drive decision making for business success. Every brand has a marketing stack, but not every organization is using these tools to their full potential.

Marketers need to build their Martech Stack on a strong foundation to ensure data is collected and used most constructively. If you are still struggling to monetize your data, join us to find out how and why a CDP is the foundation of a successful marketing stack.

What you'll learn


Andrea Belletti
Customer Data & Marketing Analyst, BitBang
Jonathan von Abo
Head of Business Development - EMEA, Treasure Data
  • What and why it’s so important to have a reliable marketing stack
  • Why a CDP is the right foundation to power your marketing stack
  • How a CDP can strengthen your data management to deliver results
  • That Treasure Data CDP can amplify the benefits of your current technologies
  • The way a CDP can deliver on common business use case

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