What's a customer-led journey

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About the webinar

Customer Journey Management allows brands to provide the seamless experiences that today’s customers demand. Customers benchmark their expectations with other leading brands, and if not met, it could dramatically impact the success of your CX and broader business objectives. To deliver on the vision of putting the customer at the heart of what you do, brands must adapt their approach to customer-led marketing.

To take the customer experience to the next level, brands must focus on the end-to-end flow of an experience, ensuring that they have delivered value with every single customer interaction using an omnichannel, channel agnostic lens.

Journey Orchestration helps businesses to do just this; measure, monitor and orchestrate real-time actions in the context of each customer’s unique and evolving needs, rather than automating a set of actions or campaign flow organized around your business or marketing objectives.

In this webinar, we’ll define the catalyst to customer-centricity: the customer-led journey. We will also explain why brands must take this approach to remain competitive in such a fast-evolving digital world to create happy and engaged customers.


Simone Drei
Head of Optimization, BitBang
Wil Lynch
SVP Global Customer Experience and Product Strategy, Thunderhead

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