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System thinking in a Customer Insights Era


16 Dec 2020




Live Streaming



We are excited to have been invited to speak at the BrightTALK Big Data and Analytics 2021: Trends and Outlook virtual summit. It is a three-day online event for anyone to participate in thought leadership sessions from the world’s top speakers, vendors and evangelists with live webinars, panel discussions and keynote presentations. 

From Engineers and Developers to Data Analysts and CTOs, professionals from all technical backgrounds are welcome!

About the event

The three days cover a range of topics:

Trends in Big Data Management
December 15, 2020

Learn about trends and best practices when it comes to managing big data for business — from governance strategy to designing a cloud architecture for

December 16, 2020

Discover how the drive for fast insights is transforming the way enterprises approach business intelligence across a variety of use cases.


The Data Economy: Tools, Trends and Predictions
December 17, 2020

Learn about the latest trends, developments and expectations that business intelligence experts are excited about as we close out the year and enter 2021.

Our Session Replayed

Companies are developing at speed and adopting innovative solutions for competitive differentiation and sustainable growth.

Efficient data management and analytics solutions are at essence for leaders to adopt a data-driven culture. Insights must be reliable to make more accurate decisions, optimize go-to-marketing strategies and achieve operational excellence. However, disparate systems and data silos hinder an organization’s ability to do this, instead leading to a growing amount of inaccurate data and overhead expenses.

It is a Mosaic approach of platforms and capabilities that will provide a truly valuable analysis where tools and analytics services are vital ‘participants’ in a data ecosystem. Integrating tools and combining data into a data environment so that it can be seamlessly accessed by data management services and used by end-users is key to monetize data and automate data-driven processes. Companies will need a continuous procedure for identifying, engaging with, and evaluating new data platforms and partners and, when appropriate, integrating these elements into analytics processes.

Rather than simply investing in data warehousing and advanced analytics tools, it is important that organizations take a step back and look at the systems of insights to build every project up from a mosaic of platforms and services to build an interconnected set of elements and organize them in a way that achieves data-driven insights. Understanding the interconnection between the systems of insights, people, processes, and microbiome of the entire organization will take you to 2021 and beyond.

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