Optimize Marketing & IT

for Customer Success


17 March 2021


13:00 CET


Live Streaming



About the webinar

For many businesses, marketing teams are autonomous in driving leads and proving that their marketing activities are bringing in ROI. They work on their own tech stacks, working on analytics, and delivering their own reports. But now, it’s not so simple. There is a clear shift in customer expectations and how they are interacting with brands. Furthermore, there are more potential customer touchpoints than ever before.

How are businesses keeping up with these changes? Well, they are adopting new tools and technologies to gain deeper insights and improve processes. However, this switch has created new challenges, and a new level of coordination and accountability is required, particularly between marketers and IT. If not addressed, businesses will fall behind and data silos will only continue to surge.

In this webinar, we will address how we are using an all-inclusive martech-specific reference model to help our clients to centralize and share information throughout the entire business, aligning the needs of all stakeholders to the same goals.

Discover how this is our go-to model to:
• Apply technology and data to unify, measure, and analyze end-to-end business success.
• Provide smooth collaboration and better decision-making with aligned goals, people, processes, and data.
• Drive results by saving time and improving visibility.
• Develop a new level of confidence, through a culture of transparency, accountability, and predictability.

We believe it’s this strategic shift in aligning teams towards a single goal that encompasses the full customer life cycle to become truly customer-centric.


Giovanni Lorenzoni
CEO, BitBang


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