Snowflake & ThoughtSpot

una strategia full cloud per la data analytics


16 September 2021


60 mins



In partnership with:
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About the webinar

Today, with the transition to the cloud paradigm, companies can nimbly meet the challenges of scalability and innovation, simplifying processes and reducing costs and risks.

As data continues to grow in all sectors, companies need to rely on increasingly accurate and high quality information, which is also always available at any time and in any place, for constant access to data. All this, with a view to centralised governance and security.

In this data-driven scenario, especially in the world of data analytics, embracing the cloud philosophy provides important strategic advantages over more traditional solutions.

We at BitBang, together with our partners Snowflake and ThoughtSpot, will explain how it is possible to combine these two solutions to create an ecosystem capable of guaranteeing your company centralised yet scalable and agile data management, combined with a new way of consulting data using natural language and AI.

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Fabio Fantoni
Head of Modern BI & Analytics, BitBang
Michele Tessari
Sales Engineering Manager - Southern Europe, Snowflake
Domenico Di Luigi
Systems Reliability Engineer, ThoughtSpot

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