Self-Service & Machine Learning:

the new paradigms of Business Intelligence


15 Jul 2020






About the webinar

Modern analytics and business intelligence platforms are gradually becoming easier to use tools that support the entire analytical workflow.

They differ from traditional business intelligence platforms because they do not require significant IT involvement to predefine data models or access traditional data warehouses. Moreover, the growing use of data lake and logical data warehouse fits well with the use of modern analytics and intelligence platforms, which can import data from even poorly structured sources.

The emphasis has shifted to self-service, agility and augmented intelligence, so that the business function is increasingly adopting methods and processes that can drive a decentralized data-driven approach.

Machine learning becomes the ideal capability to generate insight from a growing amount of data, which can also be interrogated with natural language processing (NLP) tools to generate reports and storytelling that can explain key phenomena and factors.

Join BitBang and our partner ThoughtSpot to understand how business teams can become more efficient, autonomous and confident in unleashing the value of data and adapting quickly in these fast-changing times.


Michael Armentano
Director Global Services at ThoughtSpot
Giovanni Lorenzoni
CEO at BitBang

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