Scopri i segreti per una Digital Experience

ottimizzata con la CX Analytics


26 May 2020






About the webinar

Customers buy experiences, not products!

The proposal of quality services and products is not enough to meet the high expectations of users who want to live a unique, fluid and engaging online experience.

Offering them a simple and intuitive experience on the Site or App in all its steps, from the Homepage to the shopping funnel, is essential to avoid frustration and abandonment.

The real challenge starts from the ability of companies to effectively measure the Customer Experience.

How? By following a data-driven measurement strategy based on Insights obtained from the real behavior of users and not through intuitions or partial views of data.

What you'll learn

  • The value of Customer Experience in the corporate culture
  • How to measure Experience with CX Analytics
  • The importance of CX/UX Analytics technology
  • How to structure a data-driven method that actually gives actionable insights
  • Success story: how a well-known Italian luxury brand has perfected its Customer Experience


Silvia Scorrano
Head of CX, BitBang
Monica Versino
Sales Executive, Contentsquare
Serena De Luca
Customer Success Manager, Contentsquare

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