Predicting Customer Behavior

to Drive Business Success with AI


20 May 2021





About the webinar

Nowadays, understanding your customers is crucial for your business to succeed. With the rise of mobile, social media platforms, instant chats and new digital marketing initiatives, the Customer Journey has become a truly online, omnichannel experience. With such a vast amount of customer-related data available to you, business growth will come from collecting and understanding this data to its full potential to understand your customers’ behavior.

In this webinar, Matteo Casadei, will explain how predictive analytics and machine learning are effective to provide companies with new customer insights. With this increased knowledge, the right optimization and personalization initiatives can be developed to increase the performance of marketing campaigns significantly. Matteo will talk through a range of AI approaches that are enabling businesses to succeed including customer segmentation, propensity and churn analyses, customer lifetime value modeling, as well as sentiment analysis via natural language processing.

Join us for an overview of how AI can be used to define a practical toolbox of predictive tools and models to improve your knowledge of the customer.


Matteo Casadei
Head of Data Science at BitBang

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