Power BI: Dashboard in a Day

with BitBang


21 May 2020


09:30 – 12:30


Online Workshop




About the event

This half-day online free workshop for business analysts covers the full capabilities of Power BI with BitBang.  It is an introductory to intermediate course where you will learn how to author reports using Power BI Desktop and create operational dashboards via the Power BI Service.


Fabio Fantoni
Modern BI & Analytics Team Leader, BitBang
Luca Frazzoni
Modern BI & Analytics Consultant, BitBang

What we'll cover


After briefly introducing ourselves we’ll get you acquainted with Power BI and its brilliant capabilities. By diving into the web portal, we’ll show you how to navigate around platform and start creating visualizations.

Data Ingestion

By using the Power BI Desktop Query Editor we’ll show you how to ingest data from multiple disparate sources and to unite them into a single data model.

Data Shaping and Modelling

Once the data has been ingested, we demonstrate how the Query Editor is used to perform data transformations. Once uploaded into the data model, you’ll see how flexibile the Editor is to make amends, from adding calculations to amending the relationships and structure of the model for optimal use.

Design & Report Creation

We then look at Power BI Desktop which is used to create visualizations and reports based on the data model. You’ll be shown how to configure and set up visualizations, as well as understanding how each visualization can interact another for in-depth insights.

Building Dashboards

We will create dashboards and demonstrate how Power BI’s natural language function can empower anyone to visualize and understand the data they need.  We’ll cover how to schedule data refreshes and integration with Cortana.

Safe Sharing

We will take you through how Power BI service enables you to share the reports with colleagues  as well as discuss the various ways you can share  the content to enable only authorized users to see the data.

Who is it for?

The objective of this session is to help you understand how to analyze data comprehensively and effectively. Whether you are assessing your ability to meet data visualization and analysis requirements or you are trying to learn how to be more efficient by having a greater impact on the work you do every day, this is the workshop for you.

Some reporting expertise is useful to have but prior knowledge of Power BI is not required.

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