Logical Data Fabric:

a new perspective for the Data Governance

12 May 2022

12 May 2022








About the event

In a liquid and ever-changing reality, having consistent and quality data, easily and immediately accessible and clear in their meaning is the starting point for any industrial reality that wants to accelerate its business.

In this context, the Logical Data Fabric allows to elevate data to a real strategic asset, making them available without necessarily having to replicate them and ready to be used to make better and informed decisions in a timely manner.

In this new perspective, Data Governance takes on a broader meaning and becomes, at the same time, the perfect meeting point between IT and Business, a real common thread of a data-driven transformation.

During our live talk you will be able to understand how data virtualization can solve some of the challenges common to most commercial and industrial sectors, showing:

  • What a logical data fabric is and its key components
  • Why companies prefer this new approach
  • Specific use case focusing on Data Governance and GDPR

You'll Meet:

Andrea Mazzoni
CDO, BitBang
Andrea Zinno
Data Evangelist

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