IKN Forum Banca

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5 October 2021


09:00 – 16:30


Online Event



The only meeting hub, physical and digital, on the development of financial sector strategies and technologies.

About the event

New Inspiring Bank: Responsible, Resilient and Innovative
New Trend: reversing the trend for the Bank?

  • Services on the territory and personalization
  • Microbanking and Microcredit: new post-crisis needs, product development, challenges inside and outside the bank
  • Long-term security, “social distancing” and impact on the bank’s “form” and processes
  • Technological super push and new humanism: which balance?

What you'll learn

  • Digital Customer Engagement & Personalized Experience: The Next Frontier
  • Operations: target cost control and inefficiency reduction
  • Technology: the new drivers of tech investments in the bank today
  • Risk Management: rethinking risk management architectures and organization in an unstable situation
  • Cybersec & Digital Identity: what has changed in IT risks following the impacts of the pandemic and what is the basis for risk analysis today?
  • Investment Services: life, savings and retirement. How to meet the new demand for investment security and efficiency
  • Fintech: the Year of Connected Customer!