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BitBang presents From Data Strategy to Execution


30 June 2021


08:45 – 16:30


Live Streaming



There is an increasing need to manage and apply data differently. The use of data will be even more crucial for business entities that are already facing the scenarios created by Covid-19. We have already seen trends that have required businesses to take action to succeed such as growth or even movement of many activities into the digital world.  Now with different ways of dealing with customers, it is vital to address such topics.

This event is packed with insights and tips from leaders and we are delighted to be sponsoring and presenting at the event! The event is aimed not only at Chief Data Officers but also at all those business functions that deal with data management, governance, analytics and usage.

Our CEO, Giovanni Lorenzoni, will be presenting at 14:00: From Data Strategy to Data Execution – How to use data for a purpose

About the talk

From Data Strategy to Data Execution

How to use Data for a purpose

Giovanni Lorenzoni at BitBang will be addressing how organizations need a data strategy that is broken down and made viable by an operational plan. With an agile plan, you can ensure your data can be leveraged for business purposes.

Leveraging data in today’s business environment can be a complex and sometimes confusing exercise. For this reason, organizations need a data strategy to guide them in the right direction. The days of having a one-size-fits-all data strategy and using one-size-fits-all guidance are long gone.

Organizations need to be quick-witted and agile in their approach, willing to accept challenges and failures, and able to adapt instantly to changes seen in consumer behavior. The many marketing initiatives, limited resources, and the constant pressure to achieve operational efficiencies by leveraging an ever-increasing volume of structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data are additional drivers of complexity.


Giovanni Lorenzoni
CEO, BitBang

What you'll learn

  • Rethinking Data Governance in a cloud-based, increasingly digital and AI-centric context
  • Continuous intelligence systems: real time context data to optimize decision-making power
  • Successful Data Strategy models: case histories of business strategies based on data as a critical resource
  • The future of the Chief Data Officer role: will it be on par with IT, Business, Operations, HR or Finance?

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