How to increase data quality for better Customer Experience


6 May 2020






About the webinar

We all know the value of employing a data-driven culture in business. But have you ever considered that this data may not be 100% reliant? Acting on inaccurate data can be hugely damaging to your brand.

You have spent time and money implementing a data management structure allowing employees to make faster, more informed decisions. But the implementation QA activities aimed at collecting correct data and reporting anomalies are complex and time-consuming.

But there is an easier way – and it involves 6 simple steps. In this 40 minute webinar, you’ll discover:

  • The essential components of an effective tag governance program
  • How tag governance solutions play a key role towards accomplishing your objectives
  • That with the right solutions and processes in place, governing your tags at scale is possible
  • That data can be collected reliably through accurate, automated and simplified processes more efficiently than you would be able to manually

So, if you want to improve customer relationships through more precise profiling, ensure data compliance, increase productivity and marketing results through better targeting, start with the Tag Governance Process. Join Gabriele Sibani, Account Manager at BitBang and Mike Fong, Senior Consultant and Solutions Engineer at Observe Point to find out how.

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Gabriele Sibani
Account Manager, BitBang
Mike Fong
Senior Consultant and Solutions Engineer, Observe Point

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