Enrich your Personalization with a quality Data Management Strategy


28 Apr 2020






About the webinar

It’s a buzzword we all know and understand the importance of, but what does it mean today? Gartner claims in ‘Top Marketing Predictions for 2020’ that in just 5 years time, “80% of marketers who have invested in personalization will abandon their efforts.”

Consumers are wise to companies’ efforts to personalize and quick to point out mistakes. Will you be a marketer to drop your personalization efforts in a few years? Maybe it’s already becoming too much of a cost and you’re not seeing the desired ROI? At this time, you need your efforts and investment into personalized messaging and marketing to pay off. And we’re here to show you, it all starts with the power of data!

What you'll learn

During this webinar, we’ll talk you through:

  • Why every organization must implement personalization experiences
  • Are we really going towards the end of personalization?
  • Common pitfalls and struggles
  • Implement a winning strategy: let your customer journey data guide you
  • How to find and implement a winning personalization strategy with a CDP
  • Join us to explore the real value of personalization when you get your data strategy right from the start.


Gabriele Sibani
Account Executive at BitBang
Ulisse Sarmiento
Director of Solution Consulting South Europe at Tealium

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