Domopalooza 2021

BitBang presents Success Story with Lavazza


24 March 2021




Live Streaming




Lavazza: Market Monitoring with a Scoring System

Domo is the perfect single source of truth for any company, but there is more. In a scenario of an ever-growing volume of data, to keep the business under control, there is the need to have a synthetic system of evaluation and Domo turns out to be the perfect platform to develop your scoring algorithm.

See in our Spotlight Video how Lavazza developed a unified evaluation system based on data from various platforms through the integration of numerous data sources, including digital data from websites and social media, CRM, media advertising, and sales declined.  A clear set of KPIs and target values was defined for each one of these layers of analysis. We explain how target values have become a primary tool now that they can be calculated based on historical data that is appropriately adapted through periodically defined benchmarks.

The key to this is having the power to spot anomalies and fix them with immediate effect!


Marialisa Manuzzi
Head of Modern BI, BitBang
Gabriele Bodellini
Strategy & Data Manager, Lavazza

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