Does one-to-one personalization fit for all customers


7 April 2022




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About the Event

Companies are increasing their efforts in CX personalization, recognizing the importance it has for their customers. However, these days this practice presents more challenges as consumers become more aware of the privacy of their data. In this session, Customer Insights leaders and Marketers will have the opportunity to gain inspiration on how to leverage digital analytics to manage the privacy paradox in personalization.

About guest speaker, Chiara De Gasperin

As an Analyst, Chiara focuses her research on digital intelligence topics and on helping data experts, customer insights leaders, customer experience (CX) professionals, and digital marketers manage customer data and optimize CX. She discovers and defines insights-driven future states for leaders who wants to build out digital analytics, experience optimization, and personalization strategies and technologies. Chiara’s research guides clients on driving their businesses with actionable insights. She is also interested in methodologies like design thinking and agile.

Guest Speaker

Chiara De Gasperin
Analyst at Forrester


Giovanni Lorenzoni
CEO, BitBang

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