Digital Banking Summit

BitBang Sponsor


14 & 15 October 2021


10:00 – 16:00


Online Event



Integrating recent developments to achieve business growth.

About the event

The Banking industry has been irreversibly changed over the past few years. Digital banking emerged with heightened consumer demands for more efficient ways to access banking records and complete financial transactions outside of local branches. The digital banking transformation initiated with limited online banking services before advancing into a digital-only market. Its options have increased exponentially, and customers have been increasingly attracted to this new way of managing their money. Yet analyzing the requirements and the technologies currently available it is clear that there are still research challenges to develop the technologies to their full potential in order to provide competitive and effective solutions.

BitBang are sponsoring The Digital Banking Summit. Join us live at 11.45 on 14th October to hear CEO, Giovanni Lorenzoni presenting “Catalysing Digital Transformation in Banking with Customer Analytics“. This online event will cover a range of topics, with a core focus on Banks, from all over the world. It will bring on board a solid network of professionals and senior level experts who will share their experiences and views on the current sector challenges and opportunities, as well as expectations and predictions about future trends in Digital Banking. Participants will discuss developments and current challenges, rising importance of digital transformation and many other important topics.

What you'll learn

Day 1:

  • Digitalization: Adapting to rapidly changing environment
  • Developing Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Succeeding in Strategy Implementation
  • Ensuring business development with Data Driven decision making
  • Embracing the Open Banking
  • Overcoming challenges in Digital Payments
  • Building Customer trust in Open Banking
  • Going digital: Shifting to the cashless reality with digital payments

Day 2:

  • POST-COVID: Adjusting the branch experience to the Post-COVID reality
  • Adopting AI for UX Improvement
  • Digitalization Disruptor: The capability trap
  • Emerging Market for Data Products
  • NPL and Impaired Loans
  • The role of Data Ethics in the Digital Age
  • Innovations in Digital Lending
  • Digital lending for SMEs
  • Integrating sustainability strategies in Digital Banking to achieve business growth

Catalysing Digital Transformation in Banking with Customer Analytics

October 14, 11:45
Giovanni Lorenzoni
CEO, BitBang
  • The age of the customer requires Customer Insights
  • Key drivers and challenges
  • The ideal Customer Analytics plan