Back to the Future

of Business in the time of COVID-19


23 Apr 2020





About the webinar

Businesses around the world are experiencing a period of great difficulty.

Market factors are mostly exogenous and unpredictable. Production, logistics operations and shipping are slowed down and require an extraordinary effort to secure stocks. Today, unfortunately, this is not possible for everyone.

In these difficult times, the way in which consumers relate to brands is also changing. What is needed is a comprehensive plan that, starting from the customer’s traces and interactions, is able to respond promptly and accurately to their feedback.

Moving the right business levers, basing one’s strategy on the Customer and on his behaviors, can immediately optimize current investments, minimizing the loss of new opportunities and generating a sales pipeline to be reactivated at the end of lockdowns.

In this webinar we’ll see how, leveraging Analytics, Intelligence and data actionability.


Andrea De Marco
CTO, BItBang
Elena Bombacini
Head of Digital Analytics, BitBang
Andrea Bedeschi
Head of Data Driven Marketing, BitBang

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