5th Annual Global AI, Data Analytics & Insights Summit


15 – 16 April 2021


09:00 – 17:00


Online Event



This event is packed with case studies, presentations and panel discussions so we are delighted to be sponsoring and presenting at the event again for 2021! It’s a unique and dynamic event where you’ll get to hear insights and stories from some of the most recognized brands from Swarovski, Ikea, Booking.com, VF Corporation and more!

We will be presenting on 15th April, 15:50: Predicting Customer Behavior to Drive Business Success!

About the webinar

Who is My Customer?

Predicting Customer Behavior to Drive Business Success 

During this event, Matteo Casadei, Head of Data Science and Advanced Analytics at BitBang will be addressing predictive analytics and machine learning tools, highlighting their role and relevance to analytics today. You’ll understand what and how they can serve as a practical toolbox of predictive tools and models to improve the knowledge of the customer. 

Why? Because nowadays understanding customers is of uttermost importance for a business to succeed: indeed, technology has been growing at a tremendously fast pace, enabling companies to reach customers via an abundance of digital and traditional channels.

On top of this, the surge of mobile, social media platforms, instant chats, and new digital marketing initiatives has turned “customer journey” into a truly omnichannel experience, providing a vast and unprecedented amount of customer-related data. This data represents a valuable, yet often neglected, source of information to be exploited in order to have knowledge of the customers’ behavior.

In this context, predictive analytics and machine learning have proven as effective and viable approaches to provide companies with new insights on their customers, ultimately boosting optimization and personalization initiatives on marketing campaigns. Among the others, some of the most successful approaches are based on customer segmentation, propensity and churn analyses, customer lifetime value modeling, as well as sentiment analysis via natural language processing.

This topic has never been more relevant than now, so we hope you’ll join us for this interactive presentation. 


Matteo Casadei
Head of Data Science, BitBang

What you'll learn

  • How AI-powered personalization improves user experience
  • How are we able to achieve Algorithmic Transparency in Artificial Intelligence?
  • How to overcome challenges with AI
  • Building a differentiated Customer Experience using Analytics & AI
  • Consumer centric analytics, experiencing variety of analytics products and enablers – lessons learned and hurdles faced
  • How to cost-effectively and efficiently clean ‘raw’ data
  • Cooperation of Data Scientists with Management and Marketers
  • Predictive Analytics to Drive Business Success

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