CIOReview Award

BitBang selected top 10 most promising Adobe Consulting Companies 2020.

We are delighted to have been recognised by the CIO Review for our efforts with this award.

Our close collaboration and transparency with partners are what makes us stand out from others and has always taken us to new levels for our clients. We honor our long-term relationship with Adobe as it has enabled us to support large organizations towards innovative and effective customer management, above and beyond expectations.

With experienced specialist data analysts and data engineers, we bring first-hand knowledge to leverage the potential of all relevant tools and technologies to help businesses accelerate time-to-insights.  Complex high-value projects have been executed with precision and timeliness as a result of our drive and vision to provide innovative solutions, combined with strong vertical skills on Adobe products and certified experts.

We’re excited to continue our journey with Adobe and our partners to bring the best solutions for our clients.

“Educating our customer is our top priority to bring clarity and simplicity to their lives and achieve their business objectives as efficiently as possible”
Giovanni Lorenzoni