Analytics & Measurement

“Analytics is the intermediary between data collection and information understanding”

The Customer Journey analysis is fundamental to improve business and performance. Customers don’t follow a specific path when they look for a product or service and when they finally buy it, they start comparing offers and listening to other customer recommendations. Touch points and different channels are important but to take advantage of business opportunities, companies need to analyze holistic customer journeys. The starting point is to measure and analyze the digital patterns of the visitors along different granularities.

Our services include:

Web Analytics Cycle

We know that there is a viable solution for everyone, for this reason BitBang creates a hybrid model of solution, designed to achieve your goals in an efficient manner. This process includes defining specific KPIs, determining a vendor suited to your needs, implementing the tracking code, creating a dashboard for data and reports easy to use and customize analytical tools for a more efficient use.

Your needs may also include the construction of a strategic map of continued long-term success of the business and all teaching practices of web analytics most suitable. BitBang also can boast a thorough knowledge of all the technologies and methodologies in the field.

Business Requirements Definition

First of all, companies need to use the right tool for the right channel, also considering that all data will end in the same data warehouse.

The tool choice is really a huge starting point, updates are always running and the market changes quickly with rebranding or company takeover. This is the first step not only for those who are in the market for a new web analytics solution but also for who is looking to move up from a free or entry level offering and for who is re-evaluating the solution he has in place too.

For this reason BitBang support companies choose by first analyzing together the business requirements that come from all the departments.

Business Requirements Analysis

The business requirements collection is an important point for the entire implementation process. BitBang helps companies to collect all the relevant marketing and business requirements and the IT constraints. When the business and IT requirements are clear and shared, BitBang suggests the most valuable solution and the implementation design.

Implementation & Data Quality

When the analytics architecture is defined, the collecting process needs to be rightly set up with a high knowledge of standard and custom implementation available. Companies need to define the improvement goals with specific business targets and not just measure and track anything and everything. Be sure all the relevant digital points are rightly implemented (fixed site, msite, app, live chat).

In order to track what is relevant for your business and to go beyond the common IT constraints, BitBang offers as well the up to date tag management solutions.
It’s really important to be sure about data accuracy and integrity because data quality will affect all future analysis and following decisions. To maintain data accuracy, look for a solution featuring filtering, auditing and data sanity checks, which enable you to accept only transaction data within certain defined ranges to minimize bad data.

Impact of Inaccurate Data

Reporting & Ad hoc Analysis


The next step that follows the data collection is to organize data into informational summaries and exploring reports in order to better understand and improve the business performance.
The reporting translates raw data into information in order to monitor the business, the deliverables include canned reports, scorecards, dashboards, alerts, monthly KPI. The Ad Hoc Analysis follows a pull approach that includes deep analysis, presentations of key findings and recommendations.

Reporting & Ad hoc Analysis Infographic