Accelerating business transformation through data strategy and data execution practices. We empower data-driven decision-making

BitBang has provided digital analytics and customer experience management consulting since 2003, offering a wide range of services to enable businesses to create synergies between their online and offline worlds improving overall business performance

Our Story

BitBang is a leader in Digital Analytics, Web Measurement Consulting and Customer Experience Management

BitBang's deep insight makes our company stand in a unique position providing continuous support to companies in order to improve their business results

Solid foundations for success will originate thanks to our discipline, experience and capability as well as our consistent employed methodology that balance art and science

BitBang can serve as the "honest broker" having a solid partnership with all of the analytics mega-players finding the best solutions

By not bringing its own products, and making its delivered value entirely dependent on the creativity and expertise it can bring to render the right analytical mix for every project, BitBang works for its customer's benefit


  • JUNE 25 2020 BitBang and Google explain how the Google Cloud Platform can help you manage your data  

    The amount of data that companies are dealing with is now out of scale and mastery of the fundamentals of data management has become the key to business success. In this first episode we talk through how the Google Cloud Platform can help manage data efficiently and on a large scale.

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  • MAY 26 2020 BitBang and Contentsquare together help you discover the secrets for an optimized Digital Experience with CX Analytics  

    The amount of data that companies are dealing with is now out of scale and mastery of the fundamentals of data management has become the key to business success.

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  • MAY 6 2020 Increase Data Quality for better Customer Experience with BitBang + ObservePoint  

    We all know the value of employing a data-driven culture in business. But have you ever considered that this data may not be 100% reliant? Acting on inaccurate data can be hugely damaging to your brand. Don’t let lack of data governance destroy your valuable web analytics implementation.

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  • APRIL 28 2020 Enrich your Personalization with a quality Data Management Strategy with BitBang + Tealium  

    Consumers are wise to companies’ efforts to personalize yet quick to point out mistakes. Will you be a marketer to drop your personalization efforts in a few years? We're here to show you how your investment into personalization messaging and marketing will pay off with a quality data management strategy

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  • APRIL 23 2020 Helping businesses succeed: "Back to the future" in the time of COVID  

    At this difficult time, the way the consumer enters into a relationship with a brand is changing. To optimize investments and take on new opportunities, businesses must start from tracking customer interactions so that you can respond accurately and punctually to them. In our webinar, we demonstrate how we are helping businesses achieve this.

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  • APRIL 7 2020 Learn if your tech stack needs a CDP with BitBang + Arm Treasure Data  

    Have you heard the buzz around Customer Data Platforms (CDPs)? Have you wondered if your company should invest in one and what results you could expect? Get your questions answered in this informative webinar. BitBangs CEO, Giovanni Lorenzoni and special guest Shawn Hong from Arm Treasure Data will breakdown what a CDP is and why your tech stack might need one.

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  • FEB 20 2020 BitBang Showcase PowerBI Solutions  

    Here we demonstrate a PowerBI dashboard solution for all Marketers in need to monitor thier Social Media Performance. See first hand how raw data can be translated into precious insights about customers and their behavior.

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  • JAN 10 2020 BitBang become Gold Partners of the CDP Institute  

    With growing need for all business sectors to exploit the right CDP to remain at a competitive edge, we know it's a daunting & complex task. We have joined the CDP Institute to share our knowledge and expertise to help you overcome your business digital transformation hurdles.

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  • DEC 20 2019 BitBang partner with ContentSquare  

    We are excited to work closely with ContentSquare to help our clients understand user behaviour and enhance interactions for delivering lasting compelling experiences for their customers

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  • NOV 29 2019 BitBang join forces with Arm Treasure Data  

    We are exicted to work closely with Arm Treasure Data - building strong partner relationships to provide our clients with the best analytics solutions with ease, at speed and at scale!

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  • NOV 26 2019 BitBang presents BitBang + Domo: Do more with Data: Optimize Your Insights  

    The DOMO business Cloud empowers you to act quickly on strategic opportunities through its instant data collection system, automatic reporting and analysis and valuable insights. Lavazza will be sharing their experience with BitBang and Domo and will present how they have overcome the challenges of managing, analysing and activating customer data to create the Single Version of Truth. Learn how to apply this platform for your specific business needs.

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  • NOV 13 2019 BitBang exhibit at DataViz Day  

    Come and visit us at our booth! Exhibiting at DataViz Day, November 13 - Data governance, data quality and data visualization: the concrete answers for the date Revolution.

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  • OCT 30 2019 BitBang present at Adobe Experience Forum  

    An event full of expert speeches where you will learn about the Adobe Experience Platform and discover new about Marketing Automation and Adobe Analytics Solutions

    Come and hear our customer success story along with other prestigious Italian companies that have already adopted this solution

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  • OCT 24 2019 BitBang awarded Microsoft's Silver Data Platform  

    BitBang receive another Microsoft Partner award - the Silver Data Platform - recognising our highest and most specialised ability within this business solution area and underlining our competence in offering the best solutions to customers!

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  • OCT 22 2019 BitBang + Dataiku Operationalization of Data Science  

    Join our webinar in collaboration with Dataiku to see how to implement a complete data strategy that incorporates both self-service analysis and production to enable data-driven decisions!

    Come and discover the partnership that will revolutionise your customer experience!

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  • OCT 03 2019 BitBang empower La Gazzetta dello Sport with data-driven marketing solutions  

    Find out how we have helped them maintain leadership in the era of the digital publishing revolution!

    Read our customer success story

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  • OCT 16 2019 BitBang + ObservePoint demonstrate how to build a Rock-Solid Data Quality Solution  

    Come along to our event to discover the solutions to collect consistent and reliable data through accurate, automated and simplified processes to enrich your data collection layer

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  • SEPT 17 2019 BitBang present at Data Management Summit 2019  

    Our Big Data Analyst, Erica Maccaferri will be sharing BitBang's vision on data management in its entirety, from governance, through security, the cloud, automatic learning, data virtualization and more.

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  • JULY 9 2019 BitBang + DOMO present Manage Your DATA & Optimize Your Insights Execution  

    BitBang + DOMO talk about how to transform your data into insight to generate value and maximize your customer engagement

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  • MAY 28 2019 BitBang + Tealium present What's the Future of Data  

    BitBang + Tealium talk about Data Readiness, Analytics, Orchestration, Activation and Beyond

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  • APRIL 16 2019 BitBang + Tealium empowering you to Elevate your DATA  

    BitBang + Tealium join forces to demonstrate how you can be empowered to Elevate your DATA turning insights into action

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  • APRIL 11 2019 Microsoft + Adobe: Road to SUMMIT in collaboration with BitBang  

    With a new integrated proposal from Adobe + Microsoft, managing the Customer Experience through all channels just got easier! Come and learn how to optimise the customer experience in omnichannel mode and experience the potential of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in customer intelligence activities.

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  • APRIL 1 2019 BitBang selected by CIO Review as Top 10 Big Data Consulting Companies 2019  

    At the forefront of tackling the challenges associated with Big Data by catering to the needs to the enterprise buyers to analyze data, monitor digital assets, and optimize business outcomes. Aiding clients by providing analytics platforms that offer end-to-end data blending, real-time business and customer insights, and more, to drive the development of data-centric applications.

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  • MAR 19 2019 BitBang holds the third edition of Cloud for Marketing with Google  

    Accelerate your decision-making processes and improve your business performance through the analysis of data with Google Cloud Platform. Discover insights and opportunities to enrich the performance of your organisation.

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  • JAN 2019 BitBang is selected as one of the Top 20 Big Data Solution Providers  

    Managing data and information is a demanding task...our sole focus is on unleashing the hidden power of raw data to address the ever increasing needs of digital analytics space.

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MAR 19


BitBang presents Cloud for Marketing with Google - Milan

DEC 12


BitBang presents Cloud for Marketing with Google - Milan

NOV 29-30


BitBang present at Forum Retail - Milan



BitBang present at DataViz Day - Milan

OCT 11


BitBang presents BitBang + DOMO: Winning with Data - Milan

JUN 27


BitBang speaker at Adobe & Microsoft Retail Day - Milan